And so it begins…

There is much that I want to write and much that I don’t wish to either. There are parts of me that I have decided to let go in the quest to become true to myself, to accept peace and happiness and not wrap myself in misery and glum. No I do not wish to be a stoic, nor the eternal optimistic, but a realist, be a better person and I restart this decade writing again truthfully, deciding to put to end and let go of all my previous writing. I realized how easy it was to let go, just the click of a button, nevertheless it didn’t seem so at the beginning.

And as the new year sets upon us, I have promised to myself to be better, to be truthful, to be responsible and honest. I want to write my heart out sans all the false assumptions, sans the misgivings. I want to write for the simple reason that I wish to, that I want the words, phrases, observations, to find a place to rest, find a empty slate to converge and find a meaning as the words string together perhaps finding a resonance with fellow writers.


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