Disappearing Fireflies

Reading a book where the author writes about fireflies during his evening walks across the city a forlorn feeling of not having seen a firefly for several years, silently floating through a misty evening, overtook me. The little flies, glowing happily, fluttered abundantly near the pomegranate tree by the front porch, by the hedges that... Continue Reading →

Summertime Sadness

The sky has been flawlessly clean and cottony cumulus clouds that rose beyond the hills until a few days ago have faded into obscurity rendering the sky azure and pastel blue. From the window, and through the grills, meshed, I see treetops, lustrously green, motionless and stoic; no wind from the distant mountains greet us.... Continue Reading →

Happiness is a Butterfly

“Happiness is a butterfly, Try to catch it like every night, It escapes from my hands into moonlight” sings Lana Del Rey in her intoxicating voice, lulling one into a slumber of thoughts. Her magical voice guides one’s soul through a labyrinth of amazement into a world where time stands still, where a million yellow... Continue Reading →

January Rain

The little drops came slow, falling like a silk sheet soaking the earth in a coldness and colouring it in a shade of grey much like the sky above. A little drizzle through the afternoon soon metamorphosed into a continuous rain by dusk, cold for a cold January and no longer odd. Mushroomed the umbrellas,... Continue Reading →

The Quest

Stranger to my own eyes, these words have been ringing in my head ever since, from the last couple of weeks. Who am I, what do I represent, what constitutes my thoughts, what makes me, who is the true me?


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